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Join me in helping The Miami Project find a cure for paralysis!

The writer, Primo Levi, once said ď... I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong..." and I could not agree more. My name is Ashley Moore and this is my story of strength.

In March of 1998 my mother, sister and I were involved in a head-on car collision leaving me paralyzed from the neck down. After becoming a quadriplegic, I was relocated from my hometown in Tallahassee, Florida to Miami, Florida for more advanced medical care. Soon after, my parents were given the hopeless news that I would never walk again. My parentsí expectations of a bleak future for me were quickly crushed by one visit from Marc Buoniconti, president of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. With a smile on his face, Marc informed us about the advancements towards finding a cure for paralysis being made by The Miami Project. Given hope that we never thought would be possible, my parents and I decided then and there to do whatever we could to help the vision of The Miami Project become a reality and we never looked back.

I am now a happy, healthy and determined 20-something with a future purely because of the resources and technology made available by spinal cord research being conducted by The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. I have been blessed enough to graduate from high school on time and earn my Bachelorís Degree in Film and Masterís Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. Immediately after graduation, I decided to come back to Miami and continue to help The Miami Project in any way I could while pursuing my writing on the side. I wanted to give people like me the one thing that has always made me strong, the hope that I will one day be given my freedom back and live my life without being trapped in a wheelchair.

Years later, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is in the midst of conducting clinical trials on individuals with acute and chronic spinal cord injuries. I become stronger every time I hear about the success of each clinical trial. None of this would be possible without the kindness of people willing to donate money to the fund-raising arm of The Miami Project, The Buoniconti Fund. Please join me in finding the cure and donate today.
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